In chronological order. Tape titles were copied exactly from the labels on the original tape boxes, except the segment I titled “Grandan’s Old Age Speech.” Click on each title to listen to the tape.

1952 Garry at the Erle Dicksons

December 25, 1956 Wilkerson Christmas gathering, all family except Robert, Evedyne, and LuAnn

December 25, 1955 H.W. Wilkerson and Children (family members receive lines of Big Granny’s poetry as Christmas gifts)

1957 Wilkersons Christmas

H.W. Wilkerson Christmas 1960, Sterling & Mabel Child are here, Robert, Wally & families are not here

Christmas 1961, all children home

Christmas 1966, Boys & families not here

Christmas 1973, Linda and Gary Lesniewski are not here

Grandan’s Old Age Speech, recorded Christmas morning 1975

Christmas 1976, Boys not here (a big gift reveal by Granddan at the end of this tape)

Christmas 1977, all family was home, we had fun



Tapes were captured in their entirety using an Otari MX-5050 at 96kHz/24bitdepth in the iSchool’s Digitization Lab. Many of the tapes are quite damaged due to hydrolysis or print-through, so segments were chosen for this site. For copies of the complete recordings, please contact me.