As a founding member of the University of Texas School of Information’s podcast, iSchool You, I worked with a team to build this recording project from the ground up. With no previous experience or sponsorship from the school, our team conceived of the program, structured a workflow, learned to use recording hardware and editing software, designed a website, and began interviews with students, alumni, and community members to discuss issues in the information profession. During my year with the podcast, we produced ten episodes of iSchool You, which can be found on our website. My responsibilities as Associate Producer in Charge of Sound Production, Web Design, and Sound Editing included:

  • Record and edit segments for use in bi-monthly podcast using Zoom H4n Digital Recorder and Audacity Audio Editor
  • Design and format podcast website and original blog theme using WordPress, CSS, and XHTML
  • Contact potential interviewees, propose topics and material for discussion, schedule interviews, request supplemental material, and maintain relationship after interview
  • Act as a supervisory presence at all interviews, helping to guide the conversation and maintain focus
  • Delegate sound production and editing responsibilities to group members, enforcing deadlines for interviews and episode release
  • Approve all content for episodes and make final editing choices before publishing

Give the podcast a listen! Some of my favorite episodes include “The Human Rights Documentation Initiative” (Episode 9) and Libby Peterek and Liza Talbot’s episodes from the “A Day In The Life” series (Episodes 4 and 8).