Here you can find an overview of my professional experience and qualifications. Feel free to download a pdf through the link below.

Madeline Fendley CV


Austin, TX
Research and Cataloging
  • Develop collection management strategies with Digital Librarian on a monthly basis to prioritize collections and manage deaccessioning
  • Descriptive cataloging of digitzed videos for archive collection and online library requiring extensive research to identify locations, dates, and people
  • Curate finished collections for inclusion in online library
  • Create standardized metadata and web graphics for each video, migrate data to GLIFOS web platform to create video pages on TAMI website
  • Work with members of partner organizations to obtain materials and metadata that will best contextualize a collection and highlight work done by both organizations
  • Design and implement custom websites and create featured web content for TAMI homepage as needed on a special project basis
  • Represent TAMI at conferences and special events, including film dropoff events for the Texas Film Round-up program
Internship in Digital Librarianship and Digital Curation
  • Performed descriptive cataloging of digitzed videos for archive collection and online library requiring extensive research to identify locations, dates, and people
  • Assisted in curation of video collections for inclusion in online library
  • Used GlifosMedia and MediaWiki to format and upload online lesson plans to accompany video collections
  • Indexed videos online and in archive database
  • Assisted with inventory or digitization as needed
Austin, TX
Volunteer, Film Collection
  • Performed film preservation work (cleaning, splicing, rehousing) on various collections, including the David O. Selznick Collection, the Perry Mason Collection, and the Lewis Allen Collection
  • Digitized 16mm film using Sniper-16 Pro, produced access copies on DVD for HRC
  • Processed collections in film department: created processing plans and inventory, performed processing and physical arrangement, created MARC and EAD records, and composed finding aids for use by researchers and general public
  • Assigned technical metadata for film collections
  • Conceptualized and created reading room exhibits for selected films
Austin, TX
Teaching Assistant
  • Assisted students, faculty, and staff in using the multi-platform IT Lab at the School of Information and with all technology questions
  • Set up and operated audio-visual equipment, mobile computers, and digital projectors for iSchool professors and speakers
  • Taught short courses at iSchool on various softwares, mark up languages, and website management
  • Developed online tutorials and documentation to support the use of technology inside and outside of the iSchool
Austin, TX
Project for Digital Archiving and Preservation course
  • Collection of 75 3.5” floppy disks from the George Sanger Papers in the UT Videogame Archive
  • Imaged each backup disk, preserving the original bitstream
  • Downloaded and emulated Norton and Central Point backup softwares using DOSBox, attempted to mount and render each backup disk image
  • Prepared the original bitstream, associated metadata, and documentation for ingest into the iSchool’s DSpace and the University of Texas Digital Repository
Project for Understanding and Serving Users course
  • Synchronized, reverse-indexed, and mapped segment of the Texas Oil History Project on CAH’s rich media website using GlifosMedia
  • Available at
Travis County Clerk, Misdemeanor Records Division
Austin, TX
Court Clerk I
  • Interpreted and applied procedures and precedents to specific misdemeanor cases
  • Indexed documents by applying appropriate classification codes and scanning documents into electronic imaging systems
  • Compiled data and drafted statistical reports for submission to Division Manager
  • Upheld job duties consistent with previous position of Court Clerk Assistant
Court Clerk Assistant
  • Interpreted and applied procedures and precedents to specific misdemeanor cases
  • Indexed documents by applying appropriate classification codes and scanning documents into electronic imaging systems
  • Compiled data and drafted statistical reports for submission to Division Manager
  • Upheld job duties consistent with previous position of Court Clerk Assistant
Travis County Clerk, Records Management Division
Austin, TX
Office Assistant
  • Implemented computerized and manual document, file, and record circulation system
  • Responded to research inquiries by retrieving files, computerized records, and microfiche records
The American Jewish Committee
New York, NY
Office Purchaser and Administrator
  • Responsible for purchasing (e.g. furniture and equipment purchases, renovations, etc.) for a 120
    person office building at national headquarters and thirty-three field offices
  • Negotiated with vendors to obtain project bids and submit purchase orders
  • Researched products and produced comparative analysis reports for Director of Office Services
  • Oversaw and processed renewals of building management and utility contracts, equipment maintenance contracts, and freelance contracts
  • Processed Capital budget requests in preparation for submission to Chief Financial Officer
  • Co-head of LEED Green Building Project and recycling committee
Waterloo Records
Austin, TX
Floor Clerk
  • Guide customers by making recommendations and ensure positive customer experience
  • Upstock inventory and improve store appearance
  • Operate register with till up to $4000 daily and prepare store’s nightly deposit
Qualifying Skills

Digital imaging and archiving, digitization, databases, MARC, EAD, DACS, METS, MODS


HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, MySQL, MediaWiki, GlifosMedia


Adobe CS5 (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc.), MS Office, Apple iWork,
Audacity Audio Editor, Sony Sound Forge, Camtasia


Lexis/Nexis, Filemaker Pro

Operating Systems

Windows, Mac

Content Management Systems


Foreign Language

Proficient in the Spanish language, both written and spoken. Studied Spanish
Language at the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) in Madrid, Spain.

Leadership And Activities
Austin, TX
Associate Producer in Charge of Sound Production, Web Design, and Sound Editing
  • Founding member of University of Texas’ iSchool Podcast, “iSchoolYou”
  • Recorded and edited segments for use in bi-monthly podcast using Zoom H4n Digital Recorder and Audacity Audio Editor
  • Designed and formatted podcast website and original blog theme using WordPress, CSS, and XHTML
  • Contacted potential interviewees, proposed topics and material for discussion, scheduled interviews, requested supplemental material, and maintained relationship after interview
  • Acted as a supervisory presence at all interviews, helping to guide the conversation and maintain focus
  • Delegated sound production and editing responsibilities to group members, enforcing deadlines for interviews and episode release
  • Approved all content for episodes and make final editing choices before publishing
  • Regularly updated website formatting and content
The Inside Books Project
Austin, TX
  • Responded to requests from Texas prisoners by selecting and mailing books and educational material from a donated library on topics requested in inmate letters
  • Enclosed a return letter to the inmate discussing book selection
Professional Associations And Organizations

Society of American Archivists
The Association of Moving Image Archivists
Cultural Heritage and Information Preservation Society
Artex: Art and Architecture Library Association
Austin Film Society

Highlighted Coursework
Archives and Records Enterprise

Theory and practice of archival administration, records management, and preservation administration. Problems in acquiring, organizing, and providing for use of archives and office records; issues in deterioration and care of paper, books, photographic material, magnetic records, and other media through preservation programs for libraries and archives.

Database Management

Principles and practices of database management and database design. Discussion and implementation of a database. Application life cycle, data dictionaries, relational database design, SQL queries, reports and other interfaces to database data, and documentation.

Politics of Preservation

Preservation in media industries. Topics include: preservation principles, the impact of access programs and strategies, the role of the archivist or curator, and the history and theory of collecting – from Hollywood features and educational films, to home movies and the ever-vanishing footage of the public domain.

Digital Archiving and Preservation

Examines the permanent archiving of digital information. Covers media refreshment, emulation, migration, and electronic records repository construction and administration. Case study projects involving campus repositories and off-campus institutions. Students use legacy hardware and software and digital forensics tools to preprocess digital collections for repository storage. Also explores issues in long-term electronic records preservation.

Audio Preservation and Reformatting

Study of recording through a chronological examination of the development of recording, and treatment of issues in the care and preservation of recordings, focusing on the economics of audio preservation and reformatting, noise reduction and stabilization, and stability concerns of modern media for storage of sound.

Survey of Digitization

Introduction to the issues and trends in digitization initiatives and management, including project planning and management, asset delivery and management systems, interoperability and the importance of standards, copyright and other legal issues, metadata basics digital preservation, and specific digitization processes for documents, images, video, and sound. Creation of a digitization portfolio of documents, OCR text, audio synchronization, negatives, images, and audio and film carriers.

Management of Information Organizations

Introduction to management theory, concepts, processes, and practices as applied to libraries and other information agencies and systems. Develop understanding of essential management functions and techniques.

Electronic and Digital Records

Digital records and digital records practices examining legal requirements for authenticity and using personal digital records as a leverage tool to help understand the relevant principles and varieties of digital recordkeeping problems that people encounter every day. Issues concerning the creation, acquisition, preservation, and use of digital records.