I am a recent MSIS graduate from the University of Texas School of Information, where I studied to be an audiovisual archivist with a focus in preservation, both analog and digital. Audiovisual materials capture subtle cues of human communication that paper documents do not always record. They tell the story of our culture and history by allowing one to watch or listen, informing their own perspective. I intend to perform my work in digitization and preservation with the goal of ensuring access to these rare and unique materials, focusing primarily on materials that are neither government records nor have any obvious commercial value, therefore giving them more promise of funding for preservation. I am especially interested in regional films and home movies which document lives of individuals and families from their own points of view. I will work to create innovative programs that attract new groups of users to materials and employ the internet and technology to democratize access to collections. I plan to hone my skills of process management by developing selection methods for preservation prioritization and ensuring that my project workflows are efficient, thorough, and created with foresight. I intend to contribute to my field by continuing to develop best practices for preservation, extending them to more recent media that will soon pass into obsolescence and begin the descent into deterioration. I hope to emphasize through my work the importance and value of audiovisual documents, demonstrating their worth through their use in research, education, and creating an inclusive record of our cultural history.